Jon and Julia were the parents of seven (7) children all born near Mt. Pleasant in Titus County, Texas.

The seven (7) Neugent children are as follows:

1)Annie Belle was born March 13, 1895.  She was delivered by Dr. Isaac Thomas Riddle.  Annie married Charlie Lafayette Cameron, son of James Hawkins Cameron and Matilda Melvina Riddle (a nephew of Dr. Riddle’s), in Argo, Titus County, Texas, June 17,1917.  Annie and Charlie were the parents of two (2) children who lived to adulthood: Charles Leon and Iona Faye.  Annie died in Lubbock, Texas on May 5, 1981.  Charlie died in Lubbock on July 23, 1982.  Their graves are located in the City of Lubbock Cemetery.

2)Walter Calvin was born February 26, 1897.  He married Margaret Ellen Horn (Maggie), daughter of Thomas Jefferson Horn and Martha Elizabeth Brown, on May 19, 1918, in Argo.  He and Maggie were the parents of five (5) children; Burton Walter; Margaret Marie; Meredith Calvin; Hubert Dean and Shirley Jane.  Walter died June 1, 1981.  His grave is located in Restland Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.

3)Eva Alma (Evie) was born July 12, 1899.  She married Charles Leon Covey, son of Conner Covey and Sudie Dement, in Mt. Pleasant.  The marriage was performed by William E. Harhorn, Minister of the Gospel, and was filed by Cicero Taylor Neugent, County Clerk.  And Evie’s uncle. Evie and Charlie were parents of one (1) child, Mariam Ruth.  Evie and Ruth were killed by a drunk driver on the Brownfield Highway between Lubbock and Brownfield in August of 1944, just after Ruth’s 20th birthday.  The Covey family plot is located in the City of Lubbock Cemetery.

4)Dalton (Dick) was born September 29, 1901.  He married Florence Susan Crockett, daughter of Walter Clarence Crockett and Flora Octava Coz, at West Plains, Howell County, Missouri, on the 29th of January, 1928.  Dick and Florence were the parents of eight (8) children; Darvin Clarence; Eugene Harold; John Walter; Vera Mae; Eileen Carolyn; Frank Dalton; Juanita Evelyn and Gwendolyn Sue.  Dick died in Lubbock, December 29, 1971.  Florence died in Tacoma, Washington, March 12, 1990.  Their graves are located in the City of Lubbock Cemetery.

5)John was born February 10, 1904.  He married Mary Matilda Cameron, daughter of Jessie Millard Cameron and Mary Jane Galiant (a niece to Charlie L. Cameron) on August 11, 1928, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  John and Tildy were the parents of five (5) children; J.D.; Earl Dean; Clifton Gene; Audrey Lee and Nelda Sue.  John died in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, October 11, 1987, Tildy died in Mt. Pleasant on September 4, 1989.  Their graves are located in the Edwards Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

6)Hubert Shelton was born February 8, 1906.  He married Nadine Threet, daughter of George Threet and Angeline Scott, on November 3, 1930, in Clovis, New Mexico.  Hubert and Nadine are the parents of four (4) children: Delores; Kenneth Weldon; Readith Dwayne and Linda Kay.

7)Faye Marie was born July 15, 1908.  She married Edward Fipps. This marriage ended in divorce.  There were no children.  Faye died February 27, 1988, in Kerrville, Texas.  Her grave is located in the plot with her parents in the City of Lubbock Cemetery.

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